Unveiling Galderma’s take on the Future of Aesthetics with revered beauty & skincare Influencers in Miami

The Challenge

A legacy brand and leader in the dermatology space, Galderma is on a mission to reintroduce itself to the masses and reclaim its voice of authority in the industry.

As part of an integrated brief, we were tasked to bring the overarching theme of ‘Aesthetic possibilities shaped together’ to life through the release of a future focused trends report. The report will be the flagship of Project NEXT,  a 10-year initiative which will see the brand ‘own’ all things pertaining to the world of aesthetics, beauty and beyond.

To finalise the report, Galderma briefed us to find revered beauty & skincare influencers from across the Globe who could take part in a global co-creation workshop in Miami, offering professional insight into the trends and drip-feeding news about the upcoming 2024 launch moment to their engaged followers.

The Solution

We identified and recommended a number of influencers from across the aesthetics, beauty and lifestyle sector. The content creators were handpicked by the team not only because of their respective following and engagement, but because we were confident that they would be able to provide useful and thought provoking insights for inclusion in the trends report.

Our Influencers all attended the two-day workshop in Miami. All of our influencers who attended the workshop posted teaser content live from the event.

On the ground in Miami, the Havas team continued to build rapport with the content creators, leading influencers to post content above and beyond the agreed deliverables.

The Results

Combined follower reach of 1.7M
230 pieces of social coverage
Content over-delivery of 25%
18 influencer attendees