Building a diverse and broader spokesperson bench for ManpowerGroup UK

The Challenge

ManpowerGroup UK is a key part of one of the world’s leading recruitment firms.

Every month, Havas Red supports the business to amplify its perspective on skills and employment trends in the UK in tangent with the release of latest data by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) about the national labour market.  ​

Furthermore, we support ManpowerGroup in communicating the findings of its quarterly employment outlook to the UK recruitment market, a key piece of research that is delivered on a global scale.  Until last year, the key spokespeople who ManpowerGroup had trained to speak on these issues were all senior, middle-aged male leaders and based predominantly in London and the South East. This hasn’t accurately reflected the gender balance, regional expertise, nor the overall diversity of leaders within the business.

The Solution

The UK team worked with ManpowerGroup to identify a broader number of potential spokespeople including several senior women leaders for media training to address this imbalance. Training was delivered by Havas Red and took place in late 2022 / early 2023 with 18 leaders put through their paces in total over an intensive two-day course.

Of these new spokespeople, 8 were women. Since delivering the training Havas Red has pitched in and prepared media briefings for a much wider range of spokespeople to reflect the insights and expertise of ManpowerGroup UK across the nation.

The Results

297 pieces of coverage for the year 2022-23, 233 of which featured ManpowerGroup spokespeople.
6 female leaders added to the spokesperson bench.
14 spokespeople now representing ManpowerGroup UK in national, regional and trade media.